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How To Create The Ideal Food Sampling Experience

23rd April 2024

If you’ve never run a food sampling event before, you might think that it’s pretty simple to set one up….

Do Free Samples Really Increase Sales?

18th March 2024

It’s an age-old question. Will my marketing bring any kind of return on investment? Every single marketing activity you try…

How Do You Measure The ROI Of Experiential Marketing?

5th March 2024

Marketing is one of those things that most business owners know they need to do, and they might even know…

The Psychology Behind Free Samples

8th February 2024

Who doesn’t love free stuff? You can’t tell us that you’ve never gone over to a stall giving away free…

Has Veganuary Affected Retailers?

24th January 2024

It’s that time of year again! Yes, we know that every month seems to have a theme now, but Veganuary…

A Beginners Guide To In-Store Sampling

24th January 2024

When you have a business producing food or drinks, the proof is in the tasting. If you can find a…

WDS insights: Demo frequency & scheduling

26th October 2023

Aspire’s multipack of natural energy drinks launched in Costco back in 2017. At this time, it was imperative that Aspire…

5 FMBE industry awards for Fizz & WDS!

1st December 2022

2022 has certainly turned out to be the year for awards. We started back in January with a hatrick of…

Talking to our WDS team in Reykjavik

1st November 2022

Last month we had the pleasure of catching up with Sumit Sharma Funyal, our deputy demo service manager in Reykjavik,…

Triple win at industry awards for Fizz & WDS!

4th February 2022

2022 has started well! Following a very difficult 18 months due to the challenges of the pandemic, we have launched…

Pros and cons of different demo services

Which type of demo is right for your product? The pros and cons of different types of demo

4th January 2021

When done correctly, few sales and marketing tactics are more powerful than a product demonstration. You can wax lyrical about…

A successful first foray into product demos for Hotel Chocolat

A successful first foray into product demos for Hotel Chocolat

4th November 2020

It’s an interesting time for food and drink brands looking to make their first foray into the world of Costco…