Create a buzz for your brand in Costco

We’ve partnered with Costco for almost 30 years, providing sampling and demo services in all UK and Iceland warehouses, trading as Warehouse Demo Services (WDS). Delivering over 75,000 product samplings and demos each year, we know a thing or two about creating a buzz for your brand in this unique retail environment.

Costco and WDS

Imagine interacting with millions of your target customers each year. At WDS, we don’t have to. From kitchenware and kids shoes to coffee and crisps, WDS is the perfect way to build brand awareness and product sales in Costco. Our brand ambassador teams have been a part of the Costco fabric since its UK launch in 1993, helping to build a reputation for a uniquely personal wholesale experience.

Find out how we can build brand awareness for your product below, or get in touch with our team directly on 01306 320300.

Services we can provide for your brand in Costco:

single demo


Cost-effective yet impactful, WDS’ one-off demo service lets customers experience your product while an expert demonstrator gives them powerful reasons to buy. It’s the most cost-effective way to demo your brand in Costco.


Supersize your brand’s impact with a week-long demo. We’ve also made it easy to add branded extras such as graphic pull-up banners, bespoke pop-up counter and TV to maximise engagement.


Our ‘roadshow’ format where your product is showcased by our specialist teams in a small number of Costco warehouses over 5-14 days.