Create a buzz for your brand in Costco

WDS (Warehouse Demo Services) is part of Fizz and the only company entrusted with providing Costco instore demonstrations across the UK and Iceland. Wherever there’s a Costco there’s a WDS Team on-site, ready to help you promote your product in this unique retail environment.

Costco and WDS

It’s our job to help you maximise the impact of your brand and products in each of Costco’s UK and Iceland warehouses. Our brand ambassador teams have been a part of the Costco fabric since its UK launch in 1993, helping to build a reputation for a uniquely personal wholesale experience.

Find out how we can build brand awareness for your product below, or get in touch with our team directly on 01306 320300.

Services we can provide for your brand in Costco:



The most cost-effective way to promote your product, and if you’re using WDS services for the first time, the perfect way to experience all the benefits of a direct engagement with Costco members.



A Dual Demo offers higher in-store visibility than a single demo. Running for two days, a dual demo allows for you and a partner vendor to demo two complementary products at the same time.



Taking place for a limited time, Special Events & Food Roadshows provide the perfect retail platform to help both new and existing vendors showcase products not previously sold in Costco.