Dual Demo

Partner up for more impact.

A Dual Demo runs for two days and demonstrates two products together.

When you and a partner vendor decide on a Dual Demo, you pay the first day’s fee and the other vendor pays for the second day, or vice versa. The Dual Demo format is a great way to enhance the visibility of your products and boost your sales by providing Costco members with interesting and inspirational ideas of how to use them.


Champagne Lanson

What better way to highlight the flavour characteristics and brand ethos of Champagne Lanson than by creating a unique and memorable 2 week Costco super demo to immerse members and reinforce Lanson’s connection with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships?

Ferrero Rocher

It was our mission to help premium chocolate brand Ferrero to ‘own’ Christmas by using super demos to  showcase its seasonal, luxury attributes. In doing so, we’d maximise sales and drive year-on-year sales growth.

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“The super demo campaign was a real success for Ferrero at Christmas. It allowed real exposure of our key pralines brands Rocher and Rafaello at the busiest time of year, where we saw heightened consumer engagement towards the products and repeat purchases during the season.”

Naomi Jones, National Account Manager at Ferrero UK

WDS services include:


Cost-effective yet impactful, WDS’ one-off demo service lets customers experience your product while an expert demonstrator gives them powerful reasons to buy. It’s the most cost-effective way to demo your brand in Costco.

Special Events


Our ‘roadshow’ format, where your product is showcased by our specialist teams in a small number of Costco warehouses over 5-14 days.


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