Special Events & Food Roadshows

What are they?

Special Events and Roadshows typically run for 4-14 days in either a single or multiple warehouse locations.

To take advantage of the opportunity a Special Event or Food Roadshow provides, our most experienced teams are assigned to your event. These ‘Brand Experts’ are confident with more complex briefs and can deliver the additional theatre required to maximise your time in Costco’s unique retail environment and ensure enhanced visibility, brand awareness and product sales.

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Special Event Support for Josef Seibel

Josef Seibel is one of Europe’s longest established shoe brands and relies on WDS support its ongoing special event programme.

Costco member enjoying the Ks Wors Roadshow

K's Wors Food Roadshow

This award winning Food Roadshow delivered a strong ROI for this South Africa inspired sausage brand in Costco.

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WDS services include:

“…we are delighted to have built up such a great relationship with WDS. It is thanks to you guys who make it work so well.”

Costco Trading Director

WDS services include:



Cost-effective yet impactful, WDS’ one-off demo service lets customers experience your product while an expert demonstrator gives them powerful reasons to buy. It’s the most cost-effective way to demo your brand in Costco.



Taking place for a limited time, Special Events & Food Roadshows provide the perfect retail platform to help both new and existing vendors showcase products not previously sold in Costco.


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