Making Christmas taste better for Ferrero

For Ferrero Rocher, Christmas posed an opportunity and a challenge.

While consumers typically look for ‘something special’ when shopping for gifts at Christmas, Ferrero’s products face stiff competition from other premium chocolate brands.

It was our job to help the brand ‘own’ Christmas for customers by showcasing its seasonal, luxury attributes. In doing so, we’d maximise sales and drive year-on-year sales growth.

Our solution

To answer the brief, we delivered a highly visual, stylishly simple sales activation campaign around the ‘Make Christmas Taste Better’ concept.

The uniquely appetising in-store environment combined a large sampling space, visually striking colour schemes and integrated LED glitter lighting to deliver samples and bold point of sale (POS) material to attract customers and showcase the Ferrero brand identity.

As with all effective customer experience campaigns, planning was key to success. Having first developed the campaign concept and messaging with the Ferrero team, we worked closely with Costco buying teams and warehouse managers to ensure stock, staff and creative were properly coordinated, including securing incremental floor space to ensure the campaign generated maximum impact. Every brand ambassador received a thorough briefing on the Ferrero brand and product to engage and educate customers. Equally importantly, we sought feedback from our ambassadors on the effectiveness of the experience throughout the two week campaign, making ongoing improvements and delivering rich feedback to the Ferrero brand team.

The results

More than 1.6 million sampled Ferrero products as a direct result of our campaign with an 1:11 conversion rate – boosting sales units and revenue considerably (sorry, we’ve promised not to share specifics on the details). In turn, Ferrero benefited from year-on-year growth – earning the campaign a silver for ‘Most Effective Retail Experience’ at the 2018 Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards. Tasty!

In our client’s words

“WDS (Fizz) were great to work with throughout the project. Prior to the event their communication and pro-active approach to setting up the super demo was excellent. I met with their sales team and presented the super demo brief, and they were very engaging and supportive towards what Ferrero and Costco were trying to achieve.

After the activity, we ran through the results discussing all the positive outputs and also how we could improve it moving forward. Overall, WDS (Fizz) has demonstrated professionalism and been very positive to work with.”