Shicken vegan lookalike chicken Indian ready meals

Gordon Ramsay Lookalike
The challenge

Consumers are making more and more of their buying decisions based on the impact these are having on their health, the planet and animal welfare. As a result, the demand for plant-based vegan products is growing. As a new entrant, vendor Plant Alternative needed to make an impact in Costco and encourage product trial; especially with often sceptical meat-eating consumers.

The solution

The answer was to have some fun with the brand’s mission of ensuring consumers have the same experience of eating chicken even when the product is a replica of its meat alternatives. Working alongside the vendor, this message was literally brought to life by enlisting the help of a Gordon Ramsay lookalike to take part in the sampling – every bit as good as the real thing (just like Shicken!) At the same time, WDS teams across the UK delivered the perfect opportunity to win over consumers with product sampling; allowing Costco’s members to experience a plant-based alternative to an all-time favourite that didn’t sacrificing texture, taste or enjoyment!

Shicken sampling photo 1 Shicken sampling image 2

Objectives and results

The Shicken food sampling set out to:

  • Allow members to experience a plant-based alternative to meat.
  • Deliver key brand messages around sustainability
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive sales – especially among meat-eaters

The results exceeded our objectives: