Vitabiotics On-street sampling


Founded in 1971, British health brand Vitabiotics was well-established as a leader in nutritional supplements, but sought our help to raise the profile of two new vitamin drinks – Wellman and Wellwoman – via customer experience brilliance.

Our Solution

Working under tight time pressure, our experiential team scouted suitable locations UK-wide and obtained the necessary permits to conduct on-street sampling for the brand.

Paperwork complete, we then delivered interactive sampling sessions in 11 towns and cities across the UK, targeting the brand’s chosen customers on the street. This included handling all logistical questions and sample deliveries for the campaign – making sure our brand ambassadors had everything they needed to spread the word and share the taste of Wellman and Wellwoman drinks.

Wellman product Wellman product

The results

Over 110 days – 10 days at each location – our teams distributed 40,000 samples to members of the public.