K’s Wors ‘Sunshine & Spice’ Costco Food Roadshow

K's Wors Costco Roadshow
The challenge

As a premium product, made using premium ingredients, K’s Wors wanted to overcome consumer hesitancy for the price-point. In addition, the brand was keen to understand members’ appetite for its three other flavours not currently stocked in Costco. Finally, with Covid restrictions limiting possibilities for in-store events, it was vital the brand didn’t miss the opportunity to boost sales during the summer barbecue season.

The solution

The 4 days surrounding the August bank holiday were identified as the perfect time for members to experience the K’s Wors brand during the peak barbecue season. Working alongside K’s Wors founder Delight Mapasure we literally brought the brand to life for Costco’s members!

The event took place in Costco’s Manchester warehouse – a perfect location close to the brand’s home. A great opportunity to boost sales without impacting founder Delight’s busy schedule.

The sampling area was larger than normal, with branded POS (point of sale) used to create a visual impact to attract members in Costco’s larger retail space.

Ks Wors Food Roadshow sampling area Costco member enjoying the Ks Wors Roadshow

Objectives and results

The K’s Wors Food Roadshow set out to:

  • Increase sales
  • Deliver a positive ROI (based on retail sales)
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Gather feedback for product development

The results exceeded its objectives:

Ks Wors results

Speaking after the event, K’s Wors founder, Delight Mapasure said: “The team were very supportive. Jo and Pauline were great – overall we felt supported by a driven and motivated team.” We consider that a job well done!

Ks Wors sausages Costco members enjoying the sampling

Award Recognition

Following the roadshow’s success, we were delighted to receive an industry ‘Field Marketing and Brand Experience’ Award in recognition of the campaign’s ROI performance in the Most Effective Tactical Campaign. The judges said of our work: “…the clarity and accountability presented by this sampling campaign at Costco was next to faultless. Very clear objectives aligned to the brand challenge with measurable targets. Strong focus on delivering a positive ROI, sensible logic to outlet selection. Fantastic results clearly laid out.”