Missing our May awards day – here’s why we do it

Missing our May awards day - here’s why we do it

Every year, we host the WDS Annual Achievement Awards: an occasion that celebrates our incredible teams in both the UK and Iceland. Sadly, as a result of COVID-19, this year’s awards – which would have been our sixth annual awards ceremony – aren’t happening. 

But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing worth celebrating. 

While our in-store sampling activity isn’t currently possible, we’re proud of our brand ambassadors who have been hard at work supporting Costco during their sudden boom in online sales. It shows the same level of commitment, passion and dedication that is evident every day in their “normal” roles – and that definitely deserves celebrating.

Why do we host these awards each year?

A great business needs great people. And great people deserve to be recognised as such. 

Without our people, our business is nothing. Our 800+ brand ambassadors act as the face of the client brand at every single one of the 70,000 demonstration days we run across Costco warehouses each year, their enthusiasm, passion and product knowledge convincing customers to give the product a try. 

That’s why we host these awards: to give both individuals and entire teams the praise and recognition for the hard work they put in every single day – and to appreciate those who truly have gone above and beyond to make sure the client is happy. 

What do we celebrate?

Each year, our WDS Achievement Awards celebrate winners – both individuals and teams – in seven different categories, with some featuring separate regional awards for both the central, north and the south. It means that while individuals can strive to achieve their own awards, they are also encouraged to spur on their team to fantastic results to be in with the chance of being crowned winners at the annual awards ceremony.

Awards are presented to:

  • National Brand Ambassador of the Year: The top individual award, celebrating the brand ambassador who has shone through the most (and the competition is tough!)
  • Region Brand Ambassador of the Year: One award for the north, one for the south, and one for central, given for consistent outstanding performance.
  • Region Warehouse of the Year: Again, one award for the north, one for the south and one for central, recognising the warehouses that have truly stood out in delivering first-class service to Costco, its vendors and its members.
  • National Warehouse of the Year: The biggest team award, which goes to the warehouse team that has been the most consistent in its outstanding performance throughout the year.
  • Footfall Group Sales: Three awards, based on warehouse size, and awarded to the teams who have achieved the highest sales compared to their targets.
  • Most Improved Warehouse: Another award with both north and south winners, this goes to the teams with the biggest improvements in warehouse performance.
  • Most Efficient Warehouse: Again split by region, we award this to the teams who have delivered the most cost-effective demonstrations without compromising on quality. 

We always encourage a healthy sense of competition in our warehouses – both between warehouses and between individuals – but in a fun and motivating way that inspires our brand ambassadors and our warehouses to push themselves forward – as individuals and as teams – to achieve the very best results they can. As Sally Marsh, our 2019 Brand Ambassador of the Year, says, “There’s a great sense of satisfaction when you manage to convert people who aren’t initially interested in anything, and then go on to purchase products”. 

Now in her 11th year in the brand ambassador role, Sally has built up a huge amount of rapport with regular Costco members, and describes how WDS feels “much like a family-run company”. Like all of our brand ambassadors, she sees the role as more than “just a job”. Being a brand ambassador is a role that requires people skills, personality, persuasion, passion and patience – as well as the desire to aim high and smash targets, both personally and as a team. 

As we said earlier, without our people, our business is nothing. That’s why we love the WDS Achievement Awards: they’re an opportunity to shine a light on those at the top of their game, and bring everyone together to show just what is possible when you are part of the WDS team. We can’t wait to resurrect the awards in 2021!

To learn more about how our incredible team is working throughout COVID-19, visit our blog