Talking tech with Taz, our resident gadget specialist

Talking tech with Taz, our resident gadget specialist

We’re a dab hand when it comes to demoing food and drink products. But that’s not all. 

In fact, we have sales consultants who specialise in all kinds of other products, from electronic appliances to clothing and footwear.


Meet Taz from our Sunbury Costco Team

We recently caught up with Taz, a WDS sales consultant who demos products in Sunbury Costco. When she’s not in-store, Taz is either studying for her undergraduate degree in Veterinary Studies or playing around with one of her many Apple devices. Taz loves tech and she’s got plenty of experience demoing cool gadgets and other electrical appliances.

“I do prefer the technical products and whenever I get the opportunity I’ll do them. Phones, cameras, watches. Pretty much anything.”

Taz says that being interested in the products is a big advantage when you have to show the customers what they can do and how to use them.

“You have to be confident in the product, I’ll usually take them home to test them out and learn how to use them. I did this recently with the Sony Wena watch and when I did the event I was able to show shoppers how it works and all the different settings. Sony also provided videos for us to watch and one of their team came in to train us on how to use it. It all helps you on the day.”


Why demos are important for tech goods

Taz says that for customers, being able to see the products being used has a real impact, especially for tech and electrical appliances. It’s not always clear from the packaging what the product can do or why it’s so useful. Showcasing little known features face-to-face can make all the difference.

“The week before I did the Phillips Lumia demos it was hard to engage shoppers. On the event day we sold five. Just being able to put it in someone’s hands really gives them a lot of confidence. A good offer always helps as well. WDS is really smart in how they combine products and pair things together. I sometimes have shoppers say they never would have thought to buy those two things together, but now they see them they want to.”

Being able to communicate confidently is important. And you need to demonstrate that you’re interested in the product

It’s important for sales consultants to be interested in what they’re demoing. And also be able to talk confidently and knowledgeably about the product to customers.

“Being able to communicate confidently is important. And you need to demonstrate that you’re interested in the product. You don’t want to be forceful, but you want to encourage them to take a look. Even if you don’t make a sale, you’ve passed on some awareness.”


The best part of being a WDS consultant

Aside from getting to playing around with new gadgets and devices, Taz says her favourite thing is getting to chat to people.

“Sometimes you meet new people, sometimes you see the odd familiar face. It’s nice to communicate with people. And it feels good when you show someone how to use something and they go ahead and buy it.”

Unsurprisingly, being a fan of gadgets, Taz’s favourite thing to demo would be Apple products.

“I know a lot about Apple stuff. I’ve got an iPhone, Apple Watch, the laptop.”

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