Keep it seasonal

One of the biggest challenges we hear from our clients is how to maintain momentum in-store and achieve strong sales across every month of the calendar year. For most brands, there is a natural fit with certain seasons, but to avoid annual peaks and troughs, you need to get creative. That means thinking about the ever-changing seasons, events and consumer interests at certain times of the year and adapting your in-store approach to suit.

When we think about aligning activity with the season, the tendency is to go for the obvious; Christmas, Easter, Mothers/Fathers Day, Halloween. All great, but consumers are used to this and competition is likely to be fierce. However, with a little time and effort, it’s easy to see that there’s many seasons worth promoting, and by being a little creative you can capture the imagination of your target market at a time when there’s a little less ‘noise’ in-store. So where to begin? Think carefully about your consumer and their likely interests. For example, if you want to reach young men then a sport theme might work for you, whereas a more family oriented brand might want to consider an approach that speaks to parents. At this time of year, the summer presents all sorts of opportunities for all sorts of brands. Flagship sporting events such as Wimbledon, the start of the Premiership football season and the Rugby World Cup are the perfect match for beer and wine brands whilst the arrival of summer and families heading out in the garden presents great potential for brands ranging from barbecue sauces, crisps and party foods to DIY and gardening products! Just think carefully about your audience and the rest will follow.

At Fizz, we work closely with our clients to work through this journey to arrive at an in-store experience to amplify this connection. Trained brand ambassadors, product sampling, bespoke point of sale and special offers can all be combined to provide high visibility, strong sales and a better experience for your customer. Better still, consistently applying this approach over time will help you to ‘own’ the season in the eyes of your customers, ensuring they begin to think of your brand in-line with the season.

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