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A Beginners Guide To In-Store Sampling

24th January 2024

When you have a business producing food or drinks, the proof is in the tasting. If you can find a…

How to use online demos to replicate the impact of face-to-face activity

Using online demos to help fill the void left by in-store demos

27th April 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has had a major impact for brands relying on product demos to boost product sales. Indeed, product…

What is the long-term impact of in-store demos

What is the long-term impact of product sampling and demos?

27th June 2019

In-store marketing activities are like Transformers: there’s more to them than meets the eye. Sampling and demo activity is effective…

Managing the spaces in-between: What can and can’t be done with in-store campaigns?

25th September 2018

White space, in the world of design and art, is negative space. Space left unfilled. It’s not blank – instead,…

The four Ps of experiential marketing: Place

11th September 2018

The four Ps of marketing – product, price, promotion and place – have been the core tenets of the marketing…

Experiential marketing: Breaking the habits of a lifetime

29th August 2018

We’re all creatures of habit. We frequent fewer than 25 places in our day to day lives, and form close…

Iceland is cool: Is your in-store marketing?

23rd August 2018

Iceland is cool. Really, really cool. As trends among British 18-30s shift away from hard partying and toward mini-breaks, new…

Instore experiences for challenger brands

26th April 2018

Introduction In recent years there has been an explosion in the variety and number of smaller, challenger brands launched into…

Creating award winning in-store beauty experiences

15th February 2018

At Fizz, we like to think we know a thing or two about working with health and beauty brands to…

Seasonal gifting and the experience

2nd February 2018

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we begin what is known at Fizz Towers as the “gifting season”. Representing…

What does 2018 have in-store?

12th January 2018

As we begin another busy year, what better time to pause and consider the 2018 trends for the retail sector….