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A Beginners Guide To In-Store Sampling

24th January 2024

When you have a business producing food or drinks, the proof is in the tasting. If you can find a…

Segmentation and personalisation in experiential marketing: Can you be all things to all people?

4th September 2018

Right now, companies can discover demographic data and buying habits, and pitch a product before customers even think about buying…

Why do Icelandic retailers need to create brand loyalty NOW?

31st July 2018

As far as international retailers are concerned, Iceland is (or has been) a challenge. Iceland’s banks collapsed at the height…

10 key principles for experiential marketing the right way

10th July 2018

We’ve been leading the field in experiential marketing for twenty years. Not that we want to blow our own trumpet,…

A brief history of experiential and field marketing

4th July 2018

Experiential and field marketing mean different things to different people. Real world activations, brand experiences, in-store and on-site installations, not…

Instore experiences for challenger brands

26th April 2018

Introduction In recent years there has been an explosion in the variety and number of smaller, challenger brands launched into…