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Experiential and Field Marketing: A strategy checklist

7th August 2018

Whether they’re trying cheese as they walk round a supermarket or having a full-on brand experience in a shopping centre,…

Why do Icelandic retailers need to create brand loyalty NOW?

31st July 2018

As far as international retailers are concerned, Iceland is (or has been) a challenge. Iceland’s banks collapsed at the height…

Measuring the results of experiential and field marketing

25th July 2018

Testing and measuring are key components of a successful marketing strategy. Stats and metrics prove return on investment to your…

Why your experiential marketing efforts need to activate all 5 senses

17th July 2018

In the modern consumer environment, it is more difficult than ever to grab audiences’ attention and make a lasting impression….

10 key principles for experiential marketing the right way

10th July 2018

We’ve been leading the field in experiential marketing for twenty years. Not that we want to blow our own trumpet,…

A brief history of experiential and field marketing

4th July 2018

Experiential and field marketing mean different things to different people. Real world activations, brand experiences, in-store and on-site installations, not…

Instore experiences for challenger brands

26th April 2018

Introduction In recent years there has been an explosion in the variety and number of smaller, challenger brands launched into…

Meet the Chairman

20th March 2018

As well as providing expertise and insight through our regular blog articles, as a people business we feel it’s also…

Food & drink in-store sampling – the benefits to brands and retailers.

12th March 2018

For our last blog, we took a detailed look at the health and beauty sector and the in-store customer experience….

Creating award winning in-store beauty experiences

15th February 2018

At Fizz, we like to think we know a thing or two about working with health and beauty brands to…

Seasonal gifting and the experience

2nd February 2018

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we begin what is known at Fizz Towers as the “gifting season”. Representing…

What does 2018 have in-store?

12th January 2018

As we begin another busy year, what better time to pause and consider the 2018 trends for the retail sector….