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Amazon moves into sampling

Amazon moves into the sampling sector

21st March 2019

Amazon’s entrance into the sampling sector has been met with no small amount of controversy from the world of customer…

Pros and cons of different demo services

Which type of demo is right for your product? The pros and cons of different types of demo

28th February 2019

When done correctly, few sales and marketing tactics are more powerful than a product demonstration. You can wax lyrical about…

Demonstration success

Demonstration success: what to measure, and how to present it

21st February 2019

If you’re not keeping score, how do you know if you’re winning? Demonstrations aren’t a competition, of course, but performance…

Dispatches from the front line: Meeting our brand ambassadors

15th January 2019

Great in-store experiences are all about people. No other marketing tactic puts brands in front of the consumer in such…


The 10 best Christmas experiential marketing campaigns

28th November 2018

Experiential marketing and Christmas go together like mistletoe and wine. With all the merriment and excitement – not to mention…

5 things big retailers can learn about customer experience from indies

15th November 2018

It’s a good time to be an independent retailer. While household names like M&S are struggling to get people through…

Steal from digital: How to harness viral marketing in the real world

6th November 2018

Retail has never been easy — but these days, it’s harder than ever to stand out. In an interview last…

The 4 P’s of experiential marketing: Promotion

30th October 2018

Marketing is all about Ps: the classic product, price, promotion and place that have been around since the 1960s. These…

Steal from digital: How conversion rate optimisation (CRO) works in the real world

16th October 2018

If you’ve ever used Netflix, you’ll have noticed that the hero image for movies and series changes on an almost…

People power: How do you get the best out of your staff for your experiential marketing campaign?

9th October 2018

When it comes to sales and marketing, as far as consumers are concerned, the people representing your brand are your…

Field and experiential marketing glossary of terms

2nd October 2018

Sometimes – only sometimes – we feel misunderstood. Not in a “mum and dad just don’t get me” kind of…

Managing the spaces in-between: What can and can’t be done with in-store campaigns?

25th September 2018

White space, in the world of design and art, is negative space. Space left unfilled. It’s not blank – instead,…