Image of woman experiencing an explosion of the senses

An explosion of the senses.

Remember the first time you felt popping candy explode in your mouth?

How, in that split second from opening the packet to pouring in the delicate mismatched shapes, the popping sound travelled from your blissfully unaware tongue to the centre of your ears, yet the distinct strawberry taste remained?

It stimulated all your senses.

We aim to stimulate the senses of your customers every day.

So what’s our secret?

There is no secret. It all comes down to hard work, creativity, commercial focus, perseverance and a thorough understanding of your brand and your target audience.

The Fizz philosophy is simple – consumers are our heartbeat and memorable experiences are our soul. We engage your consumers’ senses face-to-face so that they feel something – a part of something – and that’s where “the fizz” begins.

We let your customers see, smell, hear, touch, try and taste.

Have you ever tried licking a magazine advert? Not to be recommended. In contrast, experiential marketing is real. There’s no hiding behind clever copy writing and fancy photography.

In-store beauty demonstration

John Lewis beauty event for Leighton Denny

In-store product demos

Fizz is the real deal. It’s first hand. It’s hands-on. It’s powerful… and it works.

When we combine the senses we create excitement. We create interest. We inform. We entertain. But most of all we create a memorable experience that your customer will take away with them and share with others. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing tool there is!

To create an unforgettable experience for your brand….. just add Fizz!