People. They’re smart.

They know when you’re trying to push your brand into their personal space – when they’re watching TV or listening to the radio for example. It’s more likely to put people off your product as it is to engage them.

There is an alternative – and that’s where we come in.

What we do.

With over three decades, one million individual consumer experiences and a host of industry awards under our belt, we’re incredibly proud of our brand partnerships, our heritage and our results.

As one of the UK’s leading experiential and in-store marketing agencies, we treat your brand as our own, working to agreed campaign objectives and tailoring every detail specifically to deliver a truly engaging, memorable customer experience.

Image of consumers sampling alcoholic beverage

Food, drink, health and beauty products in-store or at events

Outdoor experiential beach event

Take your brand to consumers through experiential events

Image of a Fizz Product demonstrator

Consumer electrical, beauty or technology products.

We don’t work alone, and we don’t just follow instructions. We use our experience and your product knowledge to work together. We create brand experiences – from sampling to experiential – in an environment where your customers are open to try your product.

We create memorable experiences. In store.
At a time when your customers are spending money.

With over 30 years experience and more than one million live demonstrations created you might say we’re one of the UK’s leading field marketing agencies. A responsibility that we take very seriously.

We have found and our clients have discovered……. There’s no substitute for experience.

What makes us amazing?

Fizz is unlike any other form of marketing.

Our recipe for success lies in a unique combination of proven operational excellence, exacting standards and most importantly, our team of talented and passionate people. From the creatives who generate our campaign ideas to our highly trained and experienced network of over 900 consumer-loving brand ambassadors – Fizz people are some of the best in the business.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Image of example case study

Image of Fizz client testimonials

Image of Fizz Field Marketing Awards

Yes, we think we’re pretty good and (more importantly) so do our customers.


Image of Joanne Walker from Fizz Experience

I need Fizz to help my brand.

Brand Manager? Marketing head? Event planner? Big? Small? Results-driven? Sales-led?
Jo would love to hear from you and discuss your next project.

Image of Sarah Huggett, Fizz Experience

I want to work for Fizz.

We don’t blame you – we’re a great bunch of people to work with! You’ll be talking to Sarah. She is constantly on the lookout for talented individuals who love to show off their people skills.

Image of Lorna Anderson from Fizz Experience

I have another question.

Lorna loves a chat! And if she doesn’t have all the answers to your questions – she certainly knows someone who does.